About Us

As a parent we all come across at least one of these questions:

  • How can I be consistent in parenting?
  • How can I maintain the level of motivation for my kids?
  • How shall I explain the value and the role of money in everyday life?
  • How should I manage the institute of pocket-money?

We faced these questions at times of parenting, but the traditional ways didn’t suit our expectations/needs. 

Working as leaders in various fields of finance we got used to basic principles (having goals, prioritizing, being able to plan ahead and track results/achievements) that we wanted to build upon in our personal lives and therefore in parenting also.

Our kids had the pleasure to experience this approach and system that we built in the last couple of years. However as a parent we saw that doing it right requires lots of pre-thinking and administrative tasks. This led to the first prototype of our application. 

Today’s tech gives us the opportunity to enjoy an interactive system helping us as parents or kids everyday, anywhere.

We truly hope you’ll enjoy the app as much as we do! 

Looking forward to any comments helping us make it even better in the future!


David Pap and Gábor Kovács



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