What is the easiest way to get to know the app?

It does worth re-reading the tutorial pages in the app after few days. Go and reset the tutorial on the Menu/Users/ME page. Also, check out the How to start page in the Menu!

On our webpage there is useful content in the blogposts and also we have tutorial videos posted on our YouTube channel. If you still have open questions, please raise them on our Facebook page and we get back to you asap.

How can my kid log into the app?

First, in your app, go to Menu/Users and on the KIDS page select the account of your kid. The QR code on this page shall be scanned from the MoneyMate Login page on your kid’s device. 

How many kids can I add to my account?

It is not limited.

Can I add another guardian?

Yes. Just give them a username on page Users/OTHER PARENT and you will get the QR code they can use to log into the family account in MoneyMate. Both of you will have the same rights to manage your kid’s framework. 

How can I set weekly pocket money in the app?

Create an Activity card and swich on the Pocket Money function. Define the frequency and the card will be sent for your approval according to this setting. Should you wish to give auto approval, just turn this option on. All your active recurring items are listed on the Framework / Recurring items page to ease the management of such items in the system.

What is recurring withdrawal?

If you want your child to use his earned rewards or pocket money to finance their subscriptions, then turn on the Recurring function on the Withdrawal card. On the Home / UTILIZATION page just click on the + button in the Withdrawal requests line and create the card. On the first day of the reccuring pattern you will get the card to approve. If you want to set auto approval or just want to delete the card after you cancelled the subscription just go to Menu/Framework and on page RECURRING ITEMS pick the card and edit.