An application for raising financially capable kids

A helping hand in motivation

Encourage your kid to do activities that contribute to their physical and/or mental growth

A tool for consistency

Be consistent with your expectations and rewards everyday, anywhere

An opportunity to strengthen your relationship with your kid

Get to know their goals, talk openly

A learning through experience about money and the value it holds

Bear in mind the goals set and their cost, track incomes and expenses

A way to grow financial consciousness

Create opportunities for your kids to make their own decisions whether to save or spend

A motivational guide to grow

Set goals that are appealing for your kid and willing to put effort into achieving them

A digital coin-box

Enjoy the freedom to manage your kid’s finances in total safety

A place to practice for a successful life

Arm your kids with habits that grow them into a confident person


With the MoneyMate application we aimed to create a system that is easy to use and by using it the kids can pick up the basics of financial knowledge in the safety of a framework created together with their parents.


Navigate easily in a transparent scheme that holds your kid’s goals and activities driving rewards.

Reward management

Register utilization of rewards whether it’s cash or a long awaited goal, easily at your fingertips.

Dedicated functions

Tailor-made screens for the parents and the kids ensuring ease of use.


    Lists and graphs help you to review your kid’s activity and spending patterns, even by categories.

    Automated flows

    Set up recurring events either for income (pocket money) or spending (withdrawal) – save time spent on administration.


    Your phone will let you know when your kids achieved something. Spend quality time with them talking through how the activity went and approve their reward! They will show up soon with a goal or other means of utilization!

    Multi user solution

    Invite your spouse and manage the family motivational system together! You’ll be able to share the responsibilities of parenting even in this digital world.



    You can download the app for FREE and use it with base functionalities without any charge.

    The full functionality is available following your subscription to any of the below options. You will enjoy a free trial period of 2 weeks with each option. Your family will need 1 subscription, regardless how many kids you have. The prices below are for the USA.

    Unlimited period


    Limited functions

    1 Month

    2.5 USD

    Full functionality

    30 USD / year

    6 Months

    10 USD

    Full functionality

    20 USD / year
    33% saving

    12 Months

    15 USD

    Full functionality

    additional 25% saving

    Who is this for?

    MoneyMate app will help you keep up the motivation of your kids toward activities that you think important for their growth while also supporting you in staying consistent.

    Be your kid still in nursery, elementary school or even higher education, you can set the expectations and rewards to your needs – tailor made!

    To reach the goals set, the path is through the activities rewarded by the parents. Giving the opportunity to your kid to make their own decision on how to utilize those rewards will establish the basics in terms of value of money and knowledge of finances in everyday life.

    Through the reports the kids will learn the concept of income and spending, the importance of goals and the opportunities savings can create. These will help them grow into a financially capable person.

    In the meantime the parents can observe the growth of their kids using a flexible system that can serve the traditional pocket money concept or extending it into a modern motivational alternative. All this without the risk of kids using real cash. 

    How it works?

    Choose a dedicated avatar for each of your kids and you’re ready to enter into the world of MoneyMate and create a tailor-made motivational system and path for your kids that you can walk along on a journey to become financially capable!

    • Determine the activities that you want to reward for your kids – virtual money and paws are at your service.
    • Help your kids finalize their goals and make a contribution to them as you see fit!
    • Trust them in making their decisions spending their hard earned rewards! All you need to do is make it real!
    • Be diligent, work hard on the activities earning rewards!
    • Gather your rewards and allocate them to your goals!
    • Ask your parents to help get what you’d like from your hard earned rewards!
    • Track how you perform! See your income and how you spent it – do you find anything interesting? Discuss with your parents

    Download today!