How to start using the application?

Welcome to the world of MoneyMate!

You are going to learn how to get to know the base functions of the app in just 5 steps. Let’s see!

(1) Once you have successfully created your account, you need to select an avatar for your kid.

(2) Now create an Incomecard where you define the rewards your kid can earn upon completion of an activity (or chore). You can also set regular pocket money on this card if you wish. Just click on the CREATE NEW INCOMECARD button on the HOME / INCOME screen.

(3) Use the Incomecard when your kid has accomplished the activity/chore so they can earn the reward. You find the card on page HOME / INCOME then click SUBMIT button to account for the reward.

(4) Let’s use the rewarded amounts to get something for your kid. Make sure they get what they want and then register the amount spent as an expense. If they ask for cash or you want to fill up their pre-paid card with real money you register these as an expense here, too. On page HOME / EXPENSES click on the NEW EXPENSE button and provide the details.

(5) Use HOME / REPORTS / CHARTS page to review your kid’s reward balance movements.

These are the base functions. In our next blogpost we will show you how to take the most out of the app. We will talk about how to use the app together with your kid, how the approval function works, how to setup goals and many other useful features.